November 19, 2021

It seems that I have once again come under the chestnuts roasting by an open fire of public outcry for being so utterly shitty at the skills of basic diplomacy.

Ok, check it out:

Now look at this one. What's up with that pool scene at the end? That girl is a crocodile, little rabbit. Dude!

Are we really thinking enough about the messages we are sending to the youths these days‽

I always ate 'em from the ears down too, then blamed it on small animals sneaking in under cover of night. It became known colloquially in some higher ups' circles as the "rice crispy treats maneuver." I was a little shit and I cried a lot as a kid. They used to publish and pass out handbooks to us on this kind of stuff.

November 03, 2021

I've been trying to blog again, but my cats won't... l;jhealkhrvknbaerv34


November 01, 2021

Recently I have been watching a lot of videos and reading about the topic of diplomacy. I don't mean formal ambassadorial settings or the correct etiquette for addressing the Queen, though it would be nice to feel that presentable someday. Reach for the stars so that if you fall, you land in the clouds. In retrospect, I always knew how quickly a lot of social media can devolve into bickering and arguments. Usually things are never actually resolved. The best forms of moderation are almost always simply banning someone for behavior which is deemed inappropriate in a moderator's viewpoint. "Black hats" are sometimes just the "white hats" who got banned too many times. If it was simple trolling, there are no hard feelings. If a legitimate concern was left unheard, it only ever leaves some kind of wreckage or another, for someone. The hope for anyone is that any of their legitimate concerns are heard. Diplomacy applies to everyday life, and with the world becoming more and more connected as it is, more and more people are experiencing the same old internet problems.

I usually don't check the logs for visits to my blog, there's no visitor count on here, and I usually intentionally don't wonder too much about it. A few times I have checked, and it did seem then that I get very few, if any, visits. I started this blog with a few things in mind. Sharing stories I wrote and other computer things. Sometimes I have just used it to vent. The question, "who am I?" is such a deep topic for anyone. We are all living each moment following all of our previous life experiences. All of the books in the world would not accurately describe one person in the world's entire life experience. Someone said to me that feeling bored is a sign of being boring. It's difficult to hear in that way, and difficult for so many of us in so many ways to actually try something new to us. Freedom is an illusion we need. We cannot sprout wings and fly away on a whim. Trying something new can be dangerous even if it seems like it shouldn't be. Every person who can stay up at all on a skateboard, skates, or a bicycle knows the somewhat painful lesson that even that took. Even people who are never able to walk know what I mean.

It's an advanced diplomatic skill to be kicked in the groin, get back up, and stay calm enough to say, "I have felt that way before, too." People almost always overcomplicate the most simple things anyone would wish for. Today I am going to recommit myself two months early to the same new year's resolutions as last year. I did pretty well with those, though not even close to perfectly. I might make an addendum to speak my mind.