January 03, 2023

Crime Culture

When people want to talk to me about technology, their primary interest is crime. Is it the same in every sector now? Half the media is about crime. It promotes crime as our culture. It has gotten extremely hard for average people to make an honest living which they can actually live on. "But I work for <Company Inc.>! You fool!" No. You are a criminal. "But I'm a <political party affiliation as leader>!" Yeah. Obviously.

Trump and Biden 2024. Working together on the actual problems is the only way to save America. Our economy cannot thrive by selling our emails back and forth to each other for filtered spam we can't even eat. The time has truly come to eat the rich if they cannot avoid continuing to fail us. I'm big on accountability. I'm in charge of myself and two cats. The cats vouch for me. I do not vouch for you.