February 14, 2022


I know there are classes on lifting things properly, that isn't covered on the GED. I got my GED. I had a lot of education though, in things like being part of a team building robot citizens that could be part of society. They could facebook for us, do heavy lifting, etc. They could go into hazardous environments without fear of the destruction of their physical bodies because their minds were running in a completely different location. All sorts of things like that. The etymology of the word "robot" comes from Slavic words for "work." In the Bohemian Republic, Robota were forced labor camps. I see the problems with it. Most of us feel a sense of purpose from doing things, and most of us are quick to reject difference. I've never really worked a job in this field. I haven't quite graduated, and there's no GED for university. If you know this field, you can look at my work and know I'm being honest here. If you know this field, however, you are unlikely to understand heavy lifting. I'm naturally anxious. I've always worried a lot. I have so many white bears, I'm going to pick the blue dolphin now of hope.

Read "Player Piano."