June 11, 2022

Hi, my name is echoline, and I probably do suffer from the disease of rabies, as many of us do. I was hanging out too much with little forest animals on drugs. I was able to quit through the miracle of this program, and today my thoughts are on my new associations, people who are not imaginary and who have found a new way of life.

First I had to admit my situation and accept where I had gotten, then look carefully at my options. I am making great efforts to keep networking professionally both with potential employers and the homeless population. I dream of one day finding a boss who doesn't try to take advantage of me, not sexually, financially, or even something arguably positive like putting me to work as actual cannon fodder for the forces of good, but while I can hope for the best, it only makes sense to prepare for the worst. Staying off drugs and being very careful in my interactions with any small animals could turn out to be vital to my survival at this point.

If drug treatment seems hokey to you, I know you're not alone. I used to feel that way, too. Now I realize that any mind-altering chemical is a fake shortcut and poor substitute for regular and disciplined prayer and meditation. Would you rather look like a homeless pothead or worse to everyone around you, or a master of the Jedi arts?

Today my life is better, I am truly blessed and grateful to still be alive here among you. Thank you for letting me share this shitpost.