August 20, 2022

America is tanking. The national debt is still going up and up in an economy based on selling mostly bullshit to each other and buying things of arguable worth from other countries, measured in US dollars backed mostly by the greatest military the world has ever seen, which has a policy of training unfortunate poor people then leaving them homeless. There were far more deaths on the streets of America in the past year than the entire Afghanistan War combined. One of the objectives of the War in Afghanistan was to protect opium poppy harvesting rights for American Pharmaceutical manufacturers. Kids who don't serve in the military are often on one drug they don't need yet or another, watching TV shows that glorify crime and often depict human death at five minute intervals. The entire country has rallied to chase unusual people around on suspicion of all sorts of things. Mass shooters account for a few hundred American deaths per year, out of a population nearing 400 million. Tobacco is the legal drug, keeping poor people poor and sick but not affecting their ability to work as much as opiates, while heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in America.

This isn't the time to give up hope. When this town floods, everyone gets together to pitch in, placing sandbags to keep the water at bay. America is flooding now. Almost all of us should be doing something radically different than we have always done. The people who are already at the very bottom mostly don't care if it all collapses. A few of them are crazy enough to keep trying to place cards in the collapsing structure, a few others are crazy enough to be lighting the cards on fire. Mostly, no one cares enough to be changing what they've always done, from those at the very bottom, to those at the very top.

We have no control over the past, it has already happened. We have no control over the future. In every moment we have only what's in front of us to do. It is past time for all of us to stop doing the same stupid things over and over, and do a lot more to help the current situation.

I'm not going to lie to you America, at this point fixing things will require a lot of thought and cooperation.