August 25, 2022

I am a marijuana addict. If any drug should be legal, it should be marijuana. I just can't personally handle anything, and that's a separate issue. I'm also a tobacco addict. I just can't help myself. I'm also a caffeine addict.

Opiate overdoses in the US account for more American deaths per year than in the entire 20-year-long war in Afghanistan. Opiate pills are still cranked out by companies, made from poppies harvested in Afghanistan. The dealers at the bottom end up in prison. Plenty of jobs are available as prison guards and soldiers, why would anyone ever be a drug dealer?

My marijuana dealers and I might have conceivably ended up side by side in treatment. We're all still friends, no one gets angry about marijuana. It's a good drug to be legal if any drug is.

The leading cause of death in the US, however, is still heart disease. I will never end up in treatment alongside someone at the bottom who sells me tobacco or fast food, will I?

Mass shooters account for only a few hundred deaths in the US per year. I would appreciate if you all stop looking at me sideways. What's the issue here? You never encountered an honest white person before? I'm never going to be a mass shooter. I just always choose to throw down with the suffering underdog. Don't read my blog, go read Camus and the Soviet history of Cannibal island.

Don't make me come eat your candied ass and leave you alive to learn the lesson.